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Agility through Mobility


As technology evolves, so do consumer expectations, forcing public-facing organisations of all kinds to adapt. Citizens, clients and customers alike demand access to services without barriers or friction. They expect their digital journeys to be quick, simple and personal.

In its bid to transform public digital services by 2020, the government is making a concerted effort to move public services online.


Paper-based forms and manual processes need to move online and off the traditional desktop based in the office and out into ‘mobile offices’ (planes, trains & automobiles)

So, as public sector organisations strive to become entirely digitised within the next four years, we need to ensure that all creative minds in an organisation are working together to accelerate digital transformation.

Steve Trigg, Visionary thought leader at RAG Digital

As a large-scale Programme Director, Steve Trigg, founder of Rag Digital, has extensive operational experience in both the Public and Private sector, successfully deploying mobile device digital solutions to half a million global users.

An instinctive Super-Connector who knows what is going on everywhere in the incumbent organization and able to cross domain boundaries with ease and dexterity. Well-liked and well-informed, Steve is the person you turn to for help when barriers need breaking down and hurdles need to be jumped.

Possessing natural leadership skills and relishing a challenge places him in an ideal position to turn your digital strategy into reality.

Interim Chief Technology Officer, UK Government.



“Steve, very well done.  That’s great news for Policing.  Looking forward to seeing more about this solution in the future”.

Entrepreneurial Professional.

“Steve Trigg continues to deliver transformational change – in spite of political and none-newtonian environments that persist in UK Enterprise”



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“You are…terrifically tireless, exceptionally excellent, abundantly appreciated and magnificent beyond words! So glad you’re part of my network!“






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